Groundbreaking research shows single-dose radiotherapy has very low side effects despite high doses

New research published in Red Journal shows that single-dose radiotherapy, enhanced by motion control and the Raypilot System, can deliver high doses with very low side effects. The study demonstrates this approach significantly improves patients’ quality of life by minimizing toxicity.

This highlights the critical importance of accuracy, motion control and urethra sparing in hypofractionated radiotherapy, and Prof. Stefano Arcangeli emphasizes, “Raypilot is crucial for this treatment”.
The article named Ablative Radiotherapy for Unfavorable Prostate Tumors (ABRUPT): Analysis of Toxicity and Quality of Life from a Prospective Study was published in Red Journal 4th of July 2024, by the team at Monza, Hospital Fondazione IRCCS San Gerardo Dei Tintori.

Read the full analysis in the article: