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    Why treat the size of an orange when the target has the size of a mandarine?

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RayPilot offers accurate localization and tracking of prostate motion

Micropos Medical provide advanced technologies, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI),  with potential to enhance the precision in radiotherapy of cancer. RayPilot HypoCath, including a patented temporary transmitter, tracks the prostate tumor movements and outlines urethra  in real time in 3D. This can facilitate hypofractionated radiation therapy when physicians reduce treatment margins to a minimum (sparing healthy tissue) while increasing the dose to the tumor (less number of fractions), for a more efficient outcome. All in all to optimize the treatment.


New clinical data from Edinburgh Cancer Center and Liverpool University, Directory of RT.

At Micropos Medical, we are very pleased with the work presented by the Edinburgh Cancer Center (ECC) UK and the Liverpool University Directorate of Radiotherapy…

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”- RayPilot HypoCath enables us to keep track of prostate motion during SBRT treatments where the precise dose to the target and strict tolerance to…

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