Micropos medical

Our vision is to play a crucial role in curing prostate cancer

Enhancing radiotherapy cancer treatment

Micropos Medical is a Swedish medical device company that develops, manufactures, and sells technology enabling enhanced radiotherapy cancer treatment. Our product system, the Raypilot® System, generates high precision as well as high efficiency through real-time tumour tracking in radiation treatment of prostate cancer. Using The Raypilot System, clinics can treat their patients with accuracy and reduced risk of damaging healthy tissue surrounding the tumour.

Short facts

  • Offering technology enabling enhanced accuracy in radiotherapy  prostate cancer treatment
  • Providing clinics with the Raypilot system that supports the use of SBRT (a shorter and more effective treatment)
    minimizes the risk of injuring healthy tissue, and optimizes the workflow
  • Founded 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Sales in 10 countries in Europe and in the USA
  • CE Marked and FDA 510(k) approved
  • More than 150 patients treated
  • Head office including R&D located in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Production performed in Sweden and Germany
  • 3,3 million SEK in revenue 2021
  • Thomas Lindström is CEO
  • Ove Mattsson is Chairman of the board
  • Listed on Spotlight Stock Market under the stock ticker MPOS since 2009

More about the company

Micropos Medical was founded within the Swedish business incubator Chalmers Innovation in 2003. It originated from an international team of four oncology professors with extensive knowledge of radiation therapy and a firm belief in real-time tumour tracking. The first patent applications were registered in 2004.

Since then, the company has purposefully and tirelessly developed, marketed, and certified Raypilot – a positioning system that continuously localizes the prostate during radiation therapy. All along, close cooperation with a few high performing radiation clinics has strengthened the product development. Theses reference clinics also perform scientific studies regarding the system and are keen to share their experiences of the system to other potential customers.

As a company we learn a lot through an ongoing dialogue with our users. Simplifying is always on the agenda. Our aim is to offer the users a safe and easy to use-equipment, even though the technology behind it is extremely complex. The introduction of the Raypilot Hypocath catheter in 2018 implied a smoother workflow as well as a new generation of the system and, with the approval of the CE marking in 2020, a commercial breakthrough.

The head office including the research and development department is, since the start, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Internal personnel resources are scarce but very well qualified and completed by consultant experts within various fields. Subcontractors are mainly found in the Gothenburg region; one is in northern Germany.

Prostate cancer is a global challenge. Micropos Medical has had an international approach from the very beginning, starting with sales in Europe. Well-chosen distributors assist the company in sales as well as in advancing knowledge about organ movement and the importance of precision in radiation therapy. The FDA approval in 2021 regarding marketing and sales in the USA opened a new promising phase in the development of the company.

Financial information

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Board & CEO

Ove Mattsson
Chairman of the Board since 2019
Born 1940

B. Sc., Agronomy
Associate Professor, Organic chemistry.

Other assignments:
Board member of MW Collection AB, Board member and CEO of Näset Rådmansö AB.

Previous assignments:
CEO of Casco Nobel and Nobel Industries, Chairman of the Board of Biotage AB, MacGregor AB and Aromatic AB, Board member of Akzo Nobel AB and Ecoclean AB.

25 202 982 shares via endowment insurances and 120 000 warrants.

Thomas Lindström
CEO of Micropos Medical since 2020
Born 1966

DIHM, Business, Economy, and Marketing, MiL Institute, International management.

Previous assignments and experiences:
CEO of Maquet Getinge Group, Senior Consultant at Green Clinical System Nordic AB, Sales Director and International Sales Manager at Siemens Healthineers.
More than 25 years within medical technology business and extensive experience in leading organizations in change and market introductions.

1 135 322 shares and 415 961 warrants.

Olof Sandén
Member of the Board since 2019

Born 1962

M. Sc., Mechanical engineering, M.Sc., Business administation.

Other assignments:
Partner of Transearch Sweden, Chairman of the Board of ScandiDos AB, ContextVision AB and Inify Laboratories AB, Board member of Unisport OY.

Previous assignments:
Trade Commissionaire at Business Sweden in Germany, Global Head of Marketing and Executive VP EMEA & Latin America at Elekta, CEO and deputy CEO at RISE.

166 375 shares (own and through companies), 120 000 warrants.

Tom Sundelin
Member of the Board since 2019
Born 1965

Degree in International Marketing and Sales Certified International Coach (ICC).

Other assignments:
CEO of Piotrode Medical AB, Board member of ScandiDos AB (Publ), Naslund Medical AB, Piotrode Medical AB, and Holsun Medical AB

Previous assignments:
CEO of Quickels System AB and IM-Medico Svenska AB, Global sales director at Aerocrine AB.

Holds no shares and 120 000 warrants.

Karl-Henrik Adolfsson
Member of the Board since 2021
Born 1950

High school engineer in electronics, university education in pedagogy.

Previous and other assignments and experiences:
More than 30 years of experience from working with Network Design as well as teaching at SKF Tekniska Gymnasium and Chalmers University of Technology. Personal experience of cancer treatment with serious side effects.

Holds no shares or warrants.

Meet the team

Andreas Bergqvist

R&D Manager


Hanna Syrén

Director QA, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs


Richard Nilsson

Production Manager


Oscar Sjöberg

R&D Group, Service and Installation Manager


Richard Forsberg

Project leader


Jennie Söderberg

Marketing Manager


Josefine Alphonce

QA/RA Engineer


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