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What is the Raypilot System?

The Raypilot System is an electromagnetic positioning system that continuously localizes the prostate position during radiation therapy, both during patient setup and during radiation delivery. Should a motion occur from the initial position, the treatment can be interrupted and the patient repositioned. The position monitoring enables use of higher radiation dose and treatment may be given in a week or less, compared to conventional therapy over an 8-week period.

How does the Raypilot System work?

The system includes a transmitter that tracks the prostate tumour movements in real-time while the catheter enables outlining of the urethra, thus enhancing treatment precision and enabling a significant reduction of the risk of damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

What are the main benefits of the Raypilot System?

Motion management – Motion monitoring in real-time enables physicians to safely reduce the margins during radiotherapy sessions.

Outlining of the urethra – Means better control and possibility of performing urethra sparing plans which enables a reduction of the risk of damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

Bladder reproducibility – With the Raypilot Hypocath, the bladder filling is reproducible for each treatment session, which improves the patient setup due to the conformance of the anatomy between treatment and planning.

Easy workflow – The Raypilot System is easily adapted to the existing workflow, offering clinics a cost-effective system that is implemented without difficulty, and without any significant extension to the regular workflow.

More cost-effective treatment – Using the Raypilot System during SBRT treatment means increased motion control, higher accuracy, and the possibility to do dose escalation. Thanks to SBRT, the number of treatment sessions can be reduced. 
For patients this means reduced radiation to healthy tissue, and low toxicity, a safer more comfortable treatment. For the clinics, this means higher patient throughput, a more cost-effective treatment.

What is the difference between the Raypilot Viewcath and Raypilot the Hypocath?

The Raypilot Viewcath is used in treatment planning and is removed right after the planning session. The Raypilot Viewcath is both MR and CT compatible and simulates the same situation as with the Raypilot Hypocath at treatment.

The Raypilot Hypocath is used during the entire treatment period. It is removed after the last session is completed.

How well is the Raypilot Hypocath tolerated by the patient?

The Raypilot Hypocath catheter is a normal Foley catheter with a transmitter inserted in one of the catheter lumens. According to users and patient testimonials, the Raypilot Hypocath is well tolerated.
Depending on the clinical protocol the patient has the catheter for a different number of days.

How does the Raypilot System fit into the treatment room?

The Raypiloy System is well integrated with standard clincal equipment. It’s compatible with any linac, and does not require any extra resources. A monitor is added in the treatment room, and Micropos will install and bring everything you need to quickly get started.

Can the Raypilot System be used with Fiducial Markers?

Yes, it’s up to every clinic to decide about their preferred supporting devices.

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What is the Raypilot System?

Raypilot is a system for real-time organ motion monitoring during radiation treatment of prostate cancer. The system lets physicians track any movement of the prostate during the radiation session. If the system detects prostate movements, the physician gets notified immediately and can adjust the position of the patient. This leads to a precise and efficient treatment and minimizes the risk of damaging surrounding healthy tissue. It also enables higher dosage per treatment and a greatly reduced number of treatment sessions.

What criteria are there to be a suitable patient for a treatment with the Raypilot System?

It’s up to the assigned doctor to decide about the best treatment for prostate cancer. It also differs depending on what country and region you are in.
According to our users and reference doctors, treatment with the Raypilot System with SBRT is possible for both low, intermediate, and high-risk patients.
You need to decide for radiotherapy treatment (and not surgery).
If you and the physician want to have motion control, the Raypilot System is an option.
The Raypilot System is in clinical use in Europe. Find our reference clinics here.

What are the benefits for the patient with the Raypilot System?

SBRT with the Raypilot System enables fewer treatment sessions, safely.
Constant motion tracking in real-time 3D (like a GPS for the prostate) during the treatment session helps physicians to focus the radiation on the tumor and ensure to always treat according to the plan. This enables a reduced risk of damage to surrounding tissue and organs. For the patient, SBRT treatment with the Raypilot System also means fewer visits to the clinic, and less travel and so far the results from some of our users show low toxicity (side effects).

How many patients have so far been treated with the Raypilot System?

Right now, there are more than 260 patients treated in Europe.
The outcome of the treatment seems according to studies by our users in Italy and Spain, to show low toxicity (side effects) even with as few treatment sessions as one*. Read the scientific posters from San Gerardo Hospital in Monza*, Italy and La Paz University Hospital in Madrid, Spain.

Where can I get a treatment where the Raypilot System is in use?

We have several clinics treating using the Raypilot System today. Talk to your doctor about the possibility and what treatment is best suited for you.

Do you have any patient testimonials?

Yes, here you can watch a movie about a patient treatment from one of our clinics in Monza, Italy.

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