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    RayPilot HypoCath may help reducing the harmful effects of radiation therapy

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Radiotherapy is all about administrate the right dose to the tumor while avoiding to damage the surrounding healthy tissue.

Prostate motion is unpredictable and random in time, directions and lengths. RayPilot is designed to track prostate motion in real time, even during the treatment. The position is updated 30 times per second, like a GPS, to make sure to always hit the target with radiation. Knowing the position of the target in real time can enhance the treatment with a total higher radiation dose to the tumor and less dose to the healthy and sensitive surrounding tissue. This may result in less risk of undesired side-effects, higher cure rate and significantly fewer visits to the hospital for treatment. The system is in clinical use on hypofractionated/SBRT treatments where the patient only undergo down to 4 days of treatment instead of conventional up to 40 treatments.

Ask your physician how they know that they hits right on the target.


A short list of the vocabulary that physicians are using

Enclosed are a few explanations for laymen, and not for medically trained staff, of the most common terms used in radiation therapy. We hope this will improve your understanding of the treatment and that it can enhance your communication with your physician.

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