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    "RayPilot helps our clinic to treat more patients, in a secure and clinically proven way."

    Prof. Stefano Arcangeli
    AIRO Uro-oncologic Group Coordinator
    Head of Radiation Oncology at S. Gerardo Hospital in Monza
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    RayPilot HypoCath - prostate tracking without surgical intervention

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  • Reduce the margins by using RayPilot

    Treatment light, with set sight that hits right

  • Boosted treatment solution

    Efficient SBRT/hypofractionation easier with nailed target

What if prostate cancer could be treated on one single session?

Currently prostate cancer treatment is a lengthy and arduous process, disrupting the lives of patients and inducing large costs for society. The RayPilot system may change that. We can help clinicians to improve radiation precision and enable higher doses through hypofractionation. That means RayPilot may help clinics to reduce the number of treatment sessions to 4-5 times per patient instead of 40. We can support to reduce that even further, increasing the quality of life for patients, increasing the patient throughput for clinics and shortening care queues.


Micropos Medical AB. New product is CE marked

Micropos Medical AB announces on the Thursday 21:th of January,  that the company has received its new product, RayPilot ViewCath CE approved. RayPilot ViewCath receives…

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New clinical data from Edinburgh Cancer Center and Liverpool University, Directory of RT.

At Micropos Medical, we are very pleased with the work presented by the Edinburgh Cancer Center (ECC) UK and the Liverpool University Directorate of Radiotherapy…

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Our solution

Learn how RayPilot HypoCath may improve treatment in shorter time

RayPilot system is CE-marked for continuously prostate tracking. By knowing the exact position of the cancerous organ at any moment, the treatment can be targeted more accurately on the tumor and healthy surrounding tissue can be avoided from radiation. Knowing the exact localization of the prostate can enable SBRT/ hypofractionation which reduces significantly the treatment time.

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