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We provide advanced technologies enhancing the precision in radiotherapy of prostate cancer and can be suitable in SBRT/ hypofractionation

RayPilot system is a revolutionary “GPS-like” system that enables real time localization of the prostate during conventional and SBRT/hypofractionated external radiotherapy.  RayPilot system with RayPilot HypoCath is Micropos’ next generation tracking device, now without any surgical intervention, thus designed for a broader acceptance.  As the transmitter now is integrated in a standard Foley catheter, it may offer better localization of the prostate and motion thereof (for accurate treatment) and outlines the urethra (less side effects). Knowing the exact position of the tumor allows the physicians to increase the dose for a more effective therapy and reduce the safety margins in order to spare healthy tissue. Treatment with RayPilot may enable better outcome in shorter time which reduces hospital cost and increase the patient throughput. Shorter treatment time with minimal side effects improves quality of life for the patients.

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Learn how RayPilot HypoCath may improve treatment in shorter time

RayPilot system is CE-marked for continuously prostate tracking. By knowing the exact position of the cancerous organ at any moment, the treatment can be targeted more accurately on the tumor and healthy surrounding tissue can be avoided from radiation. Knowing the exact localization of the prostate can enable SBRT/ hypofractionation which reduces significantly the treatment time.



”- RayPilot HypoCath enables us to keep track of prostate motion during SBRT treatments where the precise dose to the target and strict tolerance to…

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HALVÅRSRAPPORT Micropos Medical AB (PUBL) Januari - Juni 2020 APRIL - JUNI 2020 Bolagets nettoomsättning under perioden uppgick till 277 Tkr (0 Tkr). Resultat efter finansiella poster -3 827…

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ESTRO 2020, Vienna, Austria New Dates

  Micropos Medical will have a virtual exhibition booth during this 2020 congress. More information to come.              

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