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The Raypilot System is a real-time tumour tracking system used in radiation treatment of prostate cancer.
The system monitors the position of the tumour with high accuracy at a rate of 30 times per second. This allows clinicians to monitor prostate movements in 3D and in real-time.
Raypilot is easily adapted to the existing workflow, offering clinics a cost-effective system that is implemented without difficulty.
The new version of the system has been in clinical use since 2020.

Product Overview

Raypilot Receiver
The Raypilot Receiver is placed directly on any linac table and fixed with standard index bars.
Raypilot Software
The Raypilot Software interprets the data and presents the localization in 3D and in real-time with sub-millimetre accuracy.
Raypilot Hypocath
The Raypilot Hypocath is a temporary urinary catheter with an integrated transmitter. The Raypilot Hypocath is used during the treatment sessions.
Raypilot Viewcath
The Raypilot Viewcath resembles a Raypilot Hypocath without electronics and the transmission function. The Raypiot Viewcath is used during treatment planning.
Raypilot Receiver

advanced technology in a small package

The Raypilot Receiver is a plate with antennas,
that is placed directly on any linac table and fixed with index bars.
The plate has low weight, is easy to carry and connect prior to treatment. The Raypilot Receiver has an antenna array that receive signals from the Raypilot Hypocath’s integrated transmitter 30 times/second. The information is processed in the Raypilot Software that shows prostate motion-in real time and in 3D.
The Raypilot Extension Plates is included to match the patients full length.
The patient is placed in treatment position and the Raypilot Hypocath’s transmitter is then connected.

Carbon fibre couch compatible

The Raypilot Receiver is compatible with carbon fibre treatment couches. It’s partly built in carbon fibre for a strong construction and light weight.

system fixation

The system and the extension plates (for a flat surface) are fixed to the treatment couch with standard lock bars.

Raypilot Software

real-time localization and motion management

The Raypilot Software is easy to learn and use. Real-time target motion is displayed in lateral, longitudinal, and vertical directions and the user is alerted if motion occurs outside user-defined tolerances. Pitch and yaw orientations is being monitored and can be displayed. The Raypilot Software is implementing Artificial Intelligence algorithms to reconstruct the localization and any motion.
The Raypilot Software interface is displayed on monitors in both the control and treatment room. In the treatment room the interface is used for patient identification and patient set up, while in the control room the interface is used for real-time localization and motion monitoring.
As soon as the Raypilot Hypocath is connected, the patient is automatically identified in the Raypilot Software and guidance couch set-up coordinates are displayed.
During the treatment, the Raypilot Software shows target motion in real-time and alerts if motion in any direction exceeds predefined tolerance. All motion data are stored and can either be displayed or exported for further analysis.

Raypilot Hypocath

Bladder filling and outlining of urethra

The Rayilot Hypocath is a temporary urinary catheter with an integrated transmitter. It continuously shows the exact location of the prostate in 3D and outlines the urethra. Knowing precisely where the tumour is located during treatment allows physicians to deliver a higher radiation dose in a fewer number of fractions, with tighter treatment margins that spare healthy tissue from irradiation.

Raypilot Viewcath

Planning cathether

The Raypilot Viewcath is used during treatment planning and is removed directly after the planning session.
It resembles a Raypilot Hypocath without electronics and the transmission function.
The Raypilot Viewcath is CT and MR compatible.

Raypilot Installation

Quick and easy installation

Installing the Raypilot System in the radiotherapy clinic is quick and easy. It works perfectly as an add on to any existing linear accelerator. The installation is normally done in a couple of hours which means that there is no need to close down the treatment room for a longer period.
The installation can be either single treatment room or multi-room.


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What’s the difference between a conventional radiotheraphy treatment and a treatment with the Raypilot System?

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