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If you got prostate cancer. Now what?

Once prostate cancer is diagnosed, the next step is to determine the stage and grade of cancer. Based on this information, the doctor or a team of health professionals will work together to create an overall plan that may combine different type of treatments options and as well as the outlook.

Prostate Cancer Treatment options

There are different treatment options depending on the stage and grade of the cancer, the man’s age, his health and consideration of the risks and benefits of  therapy options. The outcome of the examination is normally discussed with the patient and the decision may be from keeping the prostate under watchful waiting or active surveillance, to local treatments, as surgical removal or radiation therapy or systemic treatments, as hormone and chemotherapy. In addition to these treatments there are non-standard options as cryotherapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound and hyperthermia therapy.

Prostate cancer is normally slow growing and it may take up to 15 years before it may be clearly diagnosed. Radiation therapy is, for most men with early prostate cancer, an alternative to surgery that provides equal opportunities for cure, especially if the tumour grows beyond the prostate capsule.