New distributor in the MENA region

Micropos Medical AB and Enox Pharma AB are proud to announce their intention to collaborate in the MENA region with an initial focus on Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Enox Pharma will represent Micropos Medical’s ground breaking product portfolio with the RayPilot HypoCath system. 

RayPilot HypoCath adds accuracy when patients are treated with Radiation therapy. The increased accuracy means that RayPilot can be used to enable safer application of hypofractionation, which is now becoming more established in the treatment of a number of cancers, and which can reduce the number of treatment cycles and reduce treatment times, contributing to a higher quality of life for patients. 

 This collaboration is an important part of the Enox Pharma mission to offer the healthcare sector in the MENA region the most innovative MedTech products and services from the best sources at a affordable cost.

Gothenburg 2021.03.23

Kefah Ismael                                                     Thomas Lindström                                

CEO, Enox Pharma AB                                   CEO, Micropos Medical AB