New clinical data from Edinburgh Cancer Center and Liverpool University, Directory of RT.

At Micropos Medical, we are very pleased with the work presented by the Edinburgh Cancer Center (ECC) UK and the Liverpool University Directorate of Radiotherapy UK.

In its publication,

“Analysis of the intra-fractional motion of the prostate during SBRT using an EM Transmitter”

the authors write that,

“RayPilot was a viable means for tracking the prostate during SBRT”

It was at the ASTRO Global Oncology Annual Meeting 2020, this year a completely digital meeting, which ended during the night of 28 November Swedish time that this publication was presented.

There were also several exciting news and publications and it can be stated that there is a great interest and focus for prostate treatment and hypofractionation.

“These are very important data presented in the study from Edinburgh. It shows the importance of monitoring the movement of the prostate throughout the radiation treatment. This has been pointed out by previous users and more studies are underway on the subject. It gives us security that we are on the right track and that we have an offer that meets an important need in the market”, says the company’s CEO Thomas Lindström.

The clinic in Edinburgh will now continue its study and next look at “whether RayPilot could be the primary monitoring device during prostate SBRT”, announces the authors, Dr. Michael Trainer et al.

Please click here for the scientific poster.