Micropos Medical AB. New product is CE marked

Micropos Medical AB announces on the Thursday 21:th of January,  that the company has received its new product, RayPilot ViewCath CE approved. RayPilot ViewCath receives CE approval under existing and today renewed CE certificate.

-“This is very gratifying news, says the company’s CEO Thomas Lindström. We have listened to our customers and the expertise that operates in our field and received clear information that this type of planning catheter is needed to ensure the best workflow and safety for both patients and clinical users. ”

RayPilot ViewCath is an additional product to the company’s already known HypoCath.

With RayPilot ViewCath, clinicians can now do their planning with a catheter without electronics that can be seen in imaging in the same way as RayPilot HypoCath. It is very important that the conditions are completely in line from planning to treatment.

The planning often takes place some time before the treatment itself starts, which makes it possible to remove ViewCath after the planning has been completed and then replaced with HypoCath, which is the treatment version.

RayPilot ViewCath goes into production now and will be able to be delivered to customers at the end of the Q1 2021.

In the long term, ViewCath will strengthen the company’s business when customers can be offered a complete solution containing two consumables for each treatment.