Introducing RayPilot HypoCath

Closing the gap between considering hypofractionation and implementing it

Conventional prostate cancer radiotherapy can be a lengthy and disruptive process for the patients. We want to change that, by enabling accurate hypofractionation for more patients. We believe our AI-powered system for real time tumour tracking can facilitate the change, shortening treatment times and contributing to a higher quality of life for patients.

"RayPilot helps our clinic to treat more patients, in a secure and clinically proven way."

Prof. Stefano Arcangeli, Chairman of AIRO, Head of Clinic Ospedale San Gerardo

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The time is here for accurate hypofractionation

Accuracy and precision is key to make hypofractionation available for more patients. The RayPilot system is built for that. It works similar to a GPS, positioning the tumour with maximum accuracy, at a rate of 30 times per second. This allows clinicians to monitor prostate movements in 3D, in real-time.

Reduced margins

At a sample rate of 30 t/s clinicians get full control of any prostate movements in real time, allowing for continuous tracking and reduced margins.

No surgical intervention

RayPilot uses a urinary catheter, designed as a Foley catheter, for tracking the tumor during therapy.

Fits any linac

RayPilot is fully compatible with any linac, making it easy to install and use in your daily workflow.


The RayPilot System

The RayPilot system consists of mainly three parts; the RayPilot HypoCath that is placed in the prostate and urethra to be localized and motion tracked, the RayPilot Receiver system, which is placed on any treatment couch and the RayPilot Software giving a warning when the Region of Interest moves out the predefined margins.

1. The RayPilot HypoCath catheter

The RayPilot HypoCath has two different functions; positioning and patient identification. By designing it as a Foley catheter and have the electronics inside a dedicated lumen, it can be inserted in a standardized catheterisation procedure without need of surgical intervention.

Real time positioning enables full control of target motions and margin reductions. Patient identification is automatically performed when the HypoCath is connected which minimizes the risk for the patient.

2. The RayPilot Receiver

The RayPilot Receiver is a carbon plate with antennas, that is placed direct on any linac table and fixed with standard index bars. The plate has low weight, is easy to carry and connect prior to treatment and remove thereafter.

The plate has an antenna array that receive signals from the RayPilot HypoCath’s integrated transmitter 30 times/second. The information is processed in the RayPilot Software that shows prostate motion in real time and in 3D.

3. The RayPilot software

The RayPilot Software interprets the data and presents the localization in 3D in real time. It is easy to learn and use.

The real-time target motion is displayed in lateral, longitudinal and vertical directions and the user is alerted if motion occurs outside user defined tolerances. Pitch and yaw orientations can be monitored as well. Furthermore, the RayPilot system can import DICOM RT plans.

About Micropos Medical

Micropos Medical AB (publ) is a Swedish medical device company with a firm believe in real time tumor tracking in order to enable focused radiotherapy treatment to the tumor while saving healthy surrounding tissue.

With RayPilot, our ambition is to enable more accurate treatment, enable reduction of undesired side effects, and get higher patient throughput which benefits both patients and healthcare providers.


Easy installation


Fits into standard workflow


Professional onboarding

”RayPilot is a game changer for our clinic. Being able to track tumour movements in real time reduces the margins and removes the uncertainty we previously felt about hypofractionation. It helps us treat more patients through hypofractionation. The results so far have been very promising."

- Professor Duncan McLaren, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Edinburgh Cancer Centre, Western General Hospital, Scotland

Learn what hypofractionation with RayPilot can do for your clinic

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