RayPilot Software
- easy access to real time localization and motion management

The RayPilot Software is easy to learn and use. Real-time target motion is displayed in lateral, longitudinal and vertical directions and the user are alerted if motion occurs outside user defined tolerances. Pitch and yaw orientations can be monitored as well. The RayPilot Software is implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to reconstruct the localization and any motion.

RayPilot Software

The RayPilot Software interface is displayed on monitors in both the control and treatment room. In the treatment room the interface, controlled with buttons on the RayPilot Receiver, is used for patient identification and patient set up, while in the control room the interface is used for real time localization and motion monitoring.

As soon as the HypoCath is connected, automatically the right patient is identified in the RayPilot Software and draft couch set-up coordinates are displayed.

During the treatment, the RayPilot Software shows target motion in real time and alerts if motion in any direction exceeds predefined tolerance. All motion data are stored and can either be displayed or exported for further analysis.


  • 1 computer and 2 screens (treatment and control room)
  • Automatic patient identification
  • Quick and objective set up
  • Motion tracking (30 times/sec) with warnings
  • DICOM interface compatible
  • Exportable summary (MS Excel)