Raypilot Receiver
- advanced technology in a small package

The Raypilot Receiver is a plate with antennas, that is placed direct on any linac table and fixed with index bars. The plate has low weight, is easy to carry and connect prior to treatment and remove thereafter. The plate has an antenna array that receive signals from the Raypilot HypoCath’s integrated transmitter 30 times/second.  The information is processed in the Raypilot Software that shows prostate motion in real time and in 3D. The patient is placed in treatment position and the HypoCath’s transmitter is then connected.

Technical information

  • Dimensions: 1 100 x 520 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Position update frequency: 30 times/s
  • Measurement volume: 120 x 120 x 120 mm
  • Measurement height: from 64 to 184 mm

Delivered calibrated according to this measurement volume. Other measurement volumes upon request.

Low attenuation zone

The treatment region of the Raypilot Receiver, designated RADIATION ZONE, is made of low attenuation material in order to minimize potential interference with back fields and images. Antennas for receiving the localization signals are placed on both sides of the radiation zone.

Carbon fibre couch compatible

Raypilot Receiver is partly built-in carbon fibre for a strong and light construction. It is also compatible with carbon fibre treatment couches.

Receiving system fixation

The system and the extension plates (for a flat surface) are fixed to the treatment couch with standard lock bars.


  • Add on device for any linac system
  • Flexible design
  • Low weight and easy to move
  • Low attenuation
  • Carbon fibre couch compatible
  • Multi room use