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RayPilot HypoCath - offering high precision prostate tracking without surgical intervention

RayPilot HypoCath catheter

The RayPilot HypoCath has two different functions; positioning and patient identification.

RayPilot HypoCath is a demanded evolution of the original RayPilot Transmitter. It has the same proven electronics in a new package. By designing it as a Foley catheter and have the electronics inside a dedicated lumen, it can be inserted in a standardized catheterisation procedure without need of surgical intervention. Real time positioning enables full control of target motions and margin reductions. Patient identification is automatically performed when the HypoCath is connected which minimizes the risk to treat the wrong patient.

The HypoCath catheter is removed after the last treatment session which means that there are no foreign objects left in the body enabling MRI follow up.


  • Real time tracking of prostate tracking
  • No need of any surgical intervention
  • Easy urinary catheter procedure
  • Outlines urethra
  • Reproducibility of bladder filling
  • Remains throughout all sessions
  • In clinical use in hypofractionation/SBRT protocols