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RayPilot HypoCath solution
- a real time tumor tracking system for any linac

The RayPilot system is designed for any linac to continuously tracking of prostate and outlines the urethra throughout every fraction of the radiotherapy. By knowing the exact localization of the cancerous organ, at any moment, the treatment can be more precise and significant less of the surrounding healthy tissue will be damaged. The RayPilot system consist of three parts, the RayPilot HypoCath that is placed in the prostate and urethra to be localized and motion tracked, the RayPilot Receiving system, which is placed on any treatment couch and the RayPilot Software giving a warning when the Region of Interest moves out the predefined margins.

RayPilot HypoCath may assist to shorten treatment time, reduce cost and improve patients QoL

RayPilot HypoCath from Micropos is a temporary urinary catheter with integrated transmitter that shows continuously the exact localization of the prostate in 3D and outlines the urethra . Knowing exactly where the tumor is located during treatment allows physicians to deliver a higher radiation dose in fewer number of fractions with tighter treatment margins, which spares healthy tissue from irradiation. This so called hypofractionation therapy shorten the total number of treatment sessions significantly. Treatment may be given in a week or even less instead of conventional up to eight (8) weeks. More efficient fractions with less irradiation to healthy tissue in shorter time saves cost and time for the hospital and the patient. And not at least to meet the objective to improve patients’ quality of life (QoL).

A unique “GPS-tracker” is the heart of the matter

Monitor movement of the prostate is critical for the outcome

Internal organs move and they are difficult to control. The prostate may move unpredictable in time, directions and lengths, approximately up to 15 millimeters. That is why it is crucial to monitor this movement in real time. RayPilot HypoCath is a unique solution (powered by AI) that tracks the tumor in real time without no additional ionizing radiation and it does not leave any tracks after the treatment is finished. The temporary RayPilot HypoCath’s transmitter sends signals that are recognized 30 times/s by antennas in the RayPilot Receiver, added on the linac couch top. The RayPilot Software interprets the data and presents the localization in 3D in real time. If the prostate moves outside the predefined allowed area the physician will be notified immediately to make corrective action with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Potential Benefits

  • Add on for any linac
  • Real time prostate tracking with high accuracy
  • No need of surgical intervention
  • Easy urinary catheter procedure
  • Control of bladder filling
  • Suitable for SBRT and hypofractionation protocols
  • Remains throughout all sessions
  • No foreign objects left after treatment
  • Fits in normal IGRT-workflow
  • Automatic patient identification
  • Optional multi room installation