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  • Raypilot potential benefits

    What potential benefits can be offered to your clinic and patients?

The Raypilot system is designed to continuously localize the prostate during radiation therapy. By using electromagnetic communication, the localization and any movements can be tracked online without any need of additional ionizing radiation.

The Raypilot System gives you:

  • Add-on for any linac
  • Objective real-time tracking and motion recording
  • Suitable for hypofractionation and SBRT protocols
  • Fits in normal IGRT-workflow
  • Carbon fiber couch compatibility
  • Fits in MRI-based workflow (planning/ follow-up)
  • Easy access to the patient
  • Easy placement on the couch like other RT peripherals
  • Optional multi-room installation
  • Automatic patient identification

In addition, Raypilot HypoCath offers you:

  • No need for surgical intervention
  • Objective tracking and motion recording of prostate
  • Easy urinary catheter procedure
  • Remains throughout all sessions
  • Reproducibility of bladder filling
  • Outlines urethra