Video library

A variety of videos for training showing how the RayPilot system tracks the prostate movement 30 times/s enabling hypofractionation for shorter treatment time and less irradiation to healthy tissue.

RayPilot HypoCath- A new member of the RayPilot family

The RayPilot HypoCath, the newest member of the RayPilot-family, intended for high precision prostate tracking during hypofractionated /SBRT radiation without surgical intervention.

RayPilot® with dosimetry at Oslo
University Hospital

Video of tests and evaluation performed with the upcoming RayPilot® system that includes simultaneous in-situ dosimetry and localisation. The tests are performed at the Norwegian Radiumhospitalet at Oslo University Hospital. The RayPilot® system with dosimetry is work in progress and not yet available for sale.

RayPilot® short overview

This video gives a short overview of the RayPilot® tumor tracking system. RayPilot® could be used with any linac and is used to ensure safe real time prostate localisation during normal and hypofractionated radiotherapy.

Dosimetry performance tests on a linac

The new RayPilot® tumor tracking sensor will be updated with a dosimeter for in-situ dosimetry*. This video shows that the measurements works very well when radiation tests is performed on a linac at the radiotherapy department in Borås, Sweden. * Work in progress and not released for commercial use yet

MLC Tracking with the New RayPilot® System

The RayPilot® system gives information where the ROI is located and sends position information to the MLC in order to track in real time. RayPilot gives the position in 30 Hz The work is lead by Per Rugard Poulsen and is a cooperation between: Department of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark Institute of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia

MLC Tracking with dosimetry

RayPilot® electromagnetic tumor tracking system used for MLC Tracking on a Varian RapidArc®. Here used together with the Scandidos Delta4 dose QA system. The RayPilot system is placed directly on the carbon fibre couch top. A robotic phantom is moving a "target" consisting of a RayPilot implantable transmitter and a Delta4 phantom. The motion is detected by the RayPilot system and information is sent to the Varian RapidArc® collimator so it follows the target continuously. The work is led by Associate Professor Per Rugård Poulsen and PhD Student Thomas Ravkilde at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark. The RayPilot is CE-certified for prostate tracking and gives the position 30 times a second. It also has automatic patient identification. In-situ dosimetry is work in progress. This video shows a research set-up.

RayPilot® Dosimetry Demo

This video shows a demo of the Micropos RayPilot® System with integrated dosimetry feature to be released. In this example a light sensitive dosimeter is used and is included in the positioning device. The "beam" is in this case the lamp that you see turns on and off and you could also see the motion when we are moving the case where the RayPilot® transmitter is. The position, dose rate and the accumulated dose is presented in real-time and could also be streamed to other systems in real-time. This video shows a research set-up.

RayPilot® System Response Video

This video shows the response of the Micropos RayPilot® System. You can see the transmitter in the middle of the red ball and the receiver is in the sensor plate on the couch. Normally the transmitter is implanted into the prostate for target tracking. The position is acquired 30 times per second with sub mm accuracy. All data could be streamed out (including the dose*) to other systems. * Dosimetry to be released

RayPilot® used for chest/surface tracking

This video shows the Micropos RayPilot® System for surface tracking. The position is acquired 30 times per second with sub mm accuracy. All data could be streamed out (including the dose*) to other systems. * Dosimetry to be released This video shows a research set-up.

RayPilot® used for MLC tracking at the Aarhus University Hospital

RayPilot® used for MLC tracking at the Aarhus University Hospital, Published as poster and article. Fastest system in the world when published. Geometric accuracy of dynamic MLC tracking with an implantable wired electromagnetic transponder This video shows a research set-up.