Micropos is proud to announce the first RayPilot HypoCath system order from Italy.

The order has been submitted by the company’s Italian distributor ELSE Solutions srl. which since August 2017 is Micropos distributor.

  • After the launch of the RayPilot HypoCath we have seen an increased interest from the Italian market and we have several deep discussions with potential end customers from both public and private clinics says Massimo Agosti, CEO at ELSE Solutions.

Micropos launched the RayPilot HypoCath as a new member of the RayPilot family at Europe’s largest radiotherapy congress, ESTRO in Barcelona in mid-April 2018.

  • We developed RayPilot HypoCath in order to give radiotherapy clinics that does not have the resources to surgically insert the RayPilot Transmitter the opportunity to benefit for high precision prostate treatments. With the HypoCath, the surgical procedure is no longer needed and therefore a major barrier for the clinics has been eliminated. This in combination with the recent proof of clinical evidence for hypofractionated treatments which are the type of treatments that RayPilot is designed for makes us see an exciting future for the company, says Micropos CEO, Tomas Gustafsson.

The uniqueness of HypoCath is that, unlike competing systems, it is intended to be applied directly to the clinic’s existing workflow in a routine manner (including MRI-based workflows) and without the need for surgical procedures. HypoCath is designed as a urinary catheter where the RayPilot technology is integrated to enable real-time prostate motion detection. Increased precision and safety are one of the prerequisites for reducing the risk of unwanted side effects and for reducing the number of treatments through so-called hypofractionation.

  • With the launch of the HypoCath, we experience an increased interest from the market and we are very pleased to announce our first RayPilot HypoCath system sales to Italy shortly after the presentation of the product. This shows that our focused development work by HypoCath and our marketing efforts now can begin to generate sales continues Micropos’ CEO, Tomas Gustafsson.

RayPilot HypoCath™

For further information, please contact:

Tomas Gustafsson, CEO of Micropos Medical AB (publ), 031-760 80 05

About Micropos Medical AB (publ):

Micropos Medical AB (publ) ( is a Swedish company that has developed the RayPilot system, which is an electromagnetic real time tumor tracking system to be used with any linear accelerator. A precise and safe localization of the tumor can dramatically improve the outcome of the treatment, particularly for hypofractionated protocols. The RayPilot system consists mainly of three parts; one transmitter that is placed close by the tumor, a receiving system that is placed directly on the treatment couchtop and software that continuously shows the precise tumor location, and hence where to focus the linac beam. RayPilot has a unique gating solution qualified and compatible for use with Varian’s Clinac iX linear accelerators and Trilogy systems. Micropos develops an upcoming RayPilot transmitter for positioning, in-situ dosimetry and automatic patient identification. RayPilot is CE certified for prostate and surface use, the certification process of the RayPilot HypoCath is ongoing. Follow us on Facebook,

The Micropos share is traded under the stock ticker MPOS. Not available for sale within the USA.

About ELSE Solutions S.r.l.:

ELSE Solutions s.r.l. is an Italian company founded in 1990 having a long-term experience in production and supply of equipments and services for Medical and Industrial fields, organized into dedicated divisions with a highly qualified staff in Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Radiodiagnostics and Radioprotection.

The internal production is mainly focused on radiation detection systems, radiopharmaceutical manipulation systems and radioprotection accessories.

The commercial structure is confident with a network of skilled distributors for the International market and an effective network of accomplished sales agents covering the whole Italian territory, the technical structure is composed of physicists, engineers and specialized technicians trained and certified through periodic refresher courses.

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