First RayPilot® HypoCath® patient in Ulm, Germany

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiegel, member of DEGRO working group prostate cancer, and his team at the university hospital in Ulm, Germany has performed their first radiotherapy session by using RayPilot Hypocath in a prostate cancer patient.
The use of the RayPilot system is to ensure that radiation is given to the tumour while minimizing the risk of damaging the healthy surrounding tissue/organs.
This is the first radiotherapy department outside the Nordics, which has been equipped with multi-room installation of the RayPilot system to increase the flexibility in the use of RayPilot between two treatment rooms.
The negative impacts of COVID pandemic on cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment have been obvious around Europe including Germany during the last 12 months.
“ It is a great pleasure that the university hospital in Ulm during the impact of COVID pandemic has started the use of RayPilot HypoCath in their fight of prostate cancer”, says Thomas Lindström, CEO, Micropos Medical.
The Department of Radiotherapy and Radio-oncology at the university hospital of Ulm is the largest radiation therapy facility in the Ulm region. The department is the part of “Comprehensive Cancer Center Ulm”, which is funded by the German Cancer Aid.