First RayPilot® HypoCath® patient in Salzburg, Austria

Univ. Prof. Dr. Felix Sedlmayer, member of DEGRO working group prostate cancer, and his team at the Paracelus Medical University Hospital (named SALK) in Salzburg, Austria has performed their first radiotherapy session by using RayPilot Hypocath in a prostate cancer patient last week. Now the third ”DEGRO hopspital” has started.

The use of the RayPilot system is to ensure that radiation is given to the tumour while minimizing the risk of damaging the healthy surrounding tissue/organs.

”Very user friendly system. Very easy to understand and supports us a lot in the standard workflow. This system has the potential to become a valuable asset when using SBRT protocols for treating prostate cancer”, says Univ.Prof. Dr. Felix Sedlmayer.

Ensuring continuity of prostate cancer care and introduction of new technology solutions while fighting COVID-19 have been hugely challenging for countries across the Europe including Austria.

“It is a great pleasure that SALK in Salzburg during the impact of COVID pandemic has now implemented the use of RayPilot HypoCath in their fight of prostate cancer”, says Thomas Lindström, CEO, Micropos Medical.

SALK has 1,725 beds and over 80,000 patients per year are admitted to the two locations in Austria. The Department of Radiotherapy and Radio-Oncology serves an area that covers certain parts of Austria and extends into neighboring Bavaria, Germany with over 800,000 inhabitants.