”- RayPilot HypoCath enables us to keep track of prostate motion during SBRT treatments where the precise dose to the target and strict tolerance to the surrounding organs is paramount.”

Professor Stefano Arcangeli at Ospedale San Gerardo, Monza, Italy

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Ospedale San Gerardo in Monza, Italy started SBRT treatment of prostate cancer patients using RayPilot HypoCath in June.

The responsible doctor and head of the clinic is Professor Stefano Arcangeli, who is also chairman of the Italian expert group for prostate cancer, AIRO. Professor Arcangeli has completed scientific material with the intention of being published later this year, and he has also summarized his view how the introduction of HypoCath can improve radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

Professor Arcangeli describes that the tremendous advances in radiotherapy in recent years have made it possible to introduce higher radiation doses and increased precision, which leads to  increased cure rates while reducing the risk of side effects.

Gathered experience and scientific studies opens up for further improvements through the introduction of extreme hypofractionation. This means that the treatment is only performed on a few treatment sessions with a simultaneous increase in the overal dose to the tumor in order to both increase the cure rate at the same time realeasing resources at the hospital. A prerequisite for being able to do this is to introduce real-time organ tracking of the type that Micropos offers with RayPilot HypoCath.

– ”Through the introduction of RayPilot HypoCath, we can now, as Professor Arcangeli mentions, offer radiotherapy clinics a tool to safely take the step of introducing prostate SBRT down to 4 sessions. When established on a broader basis, this will mean that more patients can be treated per time slot for the benefit of both patient and society, not least to manage the care debt that the Corona pandemic has built up, says Micropos CEO, Thomas Lindström.”

Below is a description by Professor Arcangeli’s view how RayPilot HypoCath fits into precision treatment of prostate cancer.