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Board & CEO

The following four (4) members of the board of directors were appointed at the annual shareholders’ meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 27, 2020.


Ove Mattsson

Dr. Ove Mattsson, Ph.D., served as the Chairman and Management Consultant of Exel Composites Oyj. Dr. Mattsson served as Member of the Board of Management of Akzo Nobel nv and Chief Operating Officer of Akzo Nobel Coatings from 1994 to 2000; President and Chief Executive Officer of Nobel Industries AB from 1991 to 1994 and President of Casco Nobel AB from 1978 to 1991. He was the Chairman of Biotage AB (formerly, Pyrosequencing AB) since April 26, 2007 until April 26, 2018. He served as Chairman of Geveko AB. He serves as the Chairman of Enskilda Vattenverket i Norden AB, MacGregor AB, MacGREGOR International AB, Otre AB and Personal Chemistry. He served as Chairman of the Board of Aromatic AB, Kemira Oy and Arctic Island Ltd. He served as Chairman of Xcounter Ab since 2003. He previously served as the Chairman of Biotage AB since October 23, 2003. He served as a Director of Geveko AB since April 25, 2006. He has been a Director of Exel Oyj since 2003. He serves as an Independent Director of Kemira Chemicals, Inc. He serves as Director of Enskilda Vattenverket i Norden AB, MacGregor AB, MacGREGOR International AB, Otre AB and Personal Chemistry. He has been Director of Vironova AB (publ) since 2014. He serves as a Director of Byggelit AB, Eel Oy, Aromatic AB, Mydata Automation AB and Arctic Island Ltd. He serves as a Member of the Supervisory Board of the Ecolean Group. He has been Director at Vironova AB (publ) since 2014. He served as Director of Biotage AB until April 26, 2018. He served as Deputy Director of Vironova AB (publ) since 2014. He has served as director of Fabryo Corporation SRL. He served as Director of Xcounter Ab since 2003. He served as Director of Kemira Group since April 8, 2003. He serves as a Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences Number of years on the Board. He served as Director of Tikkurila Oy since January 2009. He serves as an Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry. He holds PhD in Organic Chemistry.

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Board Member

Torben Jørgensen

Torben is the Chairman of Biotage and former President and CEO thereof. Prior to that Torben Jørgensen was the CEO of the Molecular Imaging company Affibody for four years, before he held similar positions at Karo Bio and the Danish diagnostic company, DAKO. Torben Jørgensen was born in 1952, and has a degree from Copenhagen Business School.

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Board member

Olof Sandén

Olof is CEO of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and also spent 2 years at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) in Zürich. He has more than 10 years of experience from Medical Device industry, mainly within radiation therapy from different positions at Elekta, the world’s second largest company in the field of radiation therapy. At Elekta he has held positions in Business Development, Sales, Service and Marketing, last he held the position as Excecutive Vice President for one of Elekta’s regions containing Europe, Africa, Latin America and Middle East. Prior to that Olof worked with the Swedish Trade Council as Trade Commisionaire to Germany supporting the establishement of Swedish companies in Germany and across Europe. Before that he worked at the Boston Consulting Group in Munich and Stockholm.

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Board Member

Tom Sundelin

Tom Sundelin has 20+ years of experience within global commercialization of Medical Technology and currently serves as CEO in Piotrode Medical AB and Holsun Medical AB. In addition, Tom currently serves as board member in Naslund Medical AB, Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB (Publ), ScandiDos AB (Publ.), Holsun Medical AB and Piotrode Medical AB.
Tom has previously served, among other positions, as CEO for Quickels Systems AB, CEO for IM-Medico Svenska AB and Global Sales Director within Aerocrine AB.
In addition to Toms current assignments he is also active from time to time as contracted lecturer, e.g. at the Karolinska Institute, with focus on “Sales and Marketing in the Life Science industry” as well as Industrial Advisor for global Private Equity companies.
Tom is also a Certified International Coach from ICC-International Coaching Community.

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Thomas Lindström

Thomas is CEO for the company since June 2020. He has a long background in international sales, marketing and organisation development within Medtech industry since more than 20 year’s. Latest he is coming from Siemens Healthineers (2012-2020) there he was Sales Director for all Imaging business. During his time at Siemens he was also responsible for the relaunch strategy of the Ultrasound business in Northwest Europe. Prior Siemens Thomas was CEO for Maquet Nordic AB (2003-2010), a company within Getinge Group there he started the regional business with sales and service for Maquet. Thomas is educated at IHM business school in Gothenburg and hold in addition several leadership educations.

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