Intrafraction motion management is receiving extra attention at this year’s RSS Scientific Meeting in Orlando, USA

At the ongoing RSS Scientific Meeting in Orlando, USA, a presentation by Dr. Denis Panizza on real-time monitoring in SBRT has gained significant attention.
The presentation included results from the study “Dosimetric Impact of Intrafraction Prostate Motion and Interfraction Anatomical Changes in Dose-Escalated Linac-Based SBRT.” The study, conducted by Dr. Denis Panizza and several researchers at the university hospital, Fondazione IRCCS San Gerardo Dei Tintori in Monza, Italy, was published earlier this year in the prestigious journal Cancers. The study clearly shows the importance of monitoring prostate movement to ensure that the planned dose is delivered as intended.

We are delighted to see Dr. Panizza and his team recognized at this year’s RSS Congress and are very proud to contribute through our Raypilot system. We look forward to continuing to help healthcare professionals improve treatment for prostate cancer patients worldwide, says Micropos Medical CEO Thomas Lindström. Additionally, Dr. Panizza’s contribution was selected as “best presentation of the year” at the congress, Thomas adds.

The 2023 Radiosurgery Society® (RSS) Scientific Meeting is one of the more specialized scientific meetings in the field of radiation therapy with a focus on SBRT. For the second year in a row, Micropos is present to showcase the Raypilot System to the American market.